Why the Beautiful Place?

We are three sisters. The Beautiful Place is the name of our childhood hideout, which was a giant bush in our backyard. We spent many happy hours there. Then The Beautiful Place got diseased, our parents chopped it down, and we grew up and flung ourselves across the country, and sometimes, the world. So this blog is our new hideout, where we write about our lives, our joys, and our struggles. 

The Sisters

Anna is the eldest sister (because eldest sounds classier than oldest). She lives in Minnesota with her husband, Andy. She has a master's degree in biblical studies from Westminster Seminary California and she used to be really awesome at parsing Hebrew verbs. She is an expert in many areas, including ancient Near Eastern ox-goring legislation, busting up bad relationships, and guacamole.

Mary is the middle sister. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, Dave. Mary has a master's in rhetoric, composition, and professional communication from Iowa State and is a writer. She has an exquisite and quirky sense of humor which results in memorable turns of phrase that become part of the quoting canon for her siblings. To this blogging enterprise she brings her vast knowledge of philosophy, fudge-making, and every quote from every movie she has ever seen.

Lisa is, for the purposes of this blog, the youngest sister (in our actual family she is neither the youngest nor even the youngest sister). Lisa has a master's in journalism, and is the metro reporter at a newspaper in Madison, where she is basically Lois Lane. She is a world traveler who spent an extended jaunt in China. She has expertise in business (which she hates with a burning passion), running with broken bones, and dancing like she is on fire.


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